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Skewed Brain…. So Many Things…… 4 Kids….. Little Time!

It is clear that I need to write more blogs, but I must say… With 4 kids; one of which has disabilities, time is rough to manage. Sometimes months pass by and it seems like days. I come to my own blog just to hold angst against myself for not blogging enough. I know I must blog more and I must change that…

So it begins. From this moment on I will make the very best attempt to post, at least, once a week.

Organizational Skills Missing! Must Obtain Skills Again!   ** Almost Robotic, I swear **. That feeling of missing Operational Files (Windows Blue Screen Of Death; if you will) is how my brain feels at times.

It’s hard to focus with a brain like mine. A brain that never stops computing… So computer-like. Maybe I need a reboot to get back on track.

While it has made me happy inside I am starting to think that discovering a Norse heritage in my blood line has skewed my internal mind. Before that I was very much a Taoist at heart; even though I was not an avid daily practitioner. My heart, mind, and soul were at peace and co-operated with each other; almost harmoniously. My Chi was strong… Now I think it has simply gone on a permanent vacation… Without me no less!

It is hard to keep my brain on task and one subject at a time. Now that I am skewed I am loosing control!

It is here that I must make my stand. It is here I must raise the flag. It is now that I must win the war inside my mind!

Calling All Warriors to the Front Lines!

** Charge !! **

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