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Beginning Again!

This marks the first post (again) on my new blog. Asides from the submissions relating to my cycling this is more of a diary, I suppose. I am sure as time goes on this will slowly turn into more. Likely to become more of a Vlog than a Blog once I get over my shyness, lol.

I first wanted to cycle across Canada, Europe & China when I was only 14 years old; which at that age was clearly unattainable, even more so now that I am older (42) and clearly not wealthy enough to take on such a great feat. So, again my bucket list was to be edited to only include cycling across Canada, which is a little easier to complete since I live here.

I will have to complete the “FULL” trip over the course of 2 separate trips (TripA & TripB) since I do not have enough time to complete it all at once. 4 kids & a lovely fiancee dictate my time in life. Thankfully my fiancee has graced me with the ability to scratch this great feat off my bucket list. The year for “TripA” is still not yet determined but it looks like either 2019 or 2020 will be my year to go. Better later since we will be moving closer to my first starting point on “TripA”. This also allows for more Prep time, etc.

As soon as I figure out mapping and stops I will post them here.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to volunteer their time to assist with B/Vlog setup in terms of Mapping/GPS please contact me with “comments” section.

This marks the end of my first, again, post on my new B/Vlog.

May Mighty Odin Bless You,

Blessed Be

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