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Depression is real and so is it’s closest friend…. Anger……

It’s not often that I admit things like depression, anxiety, and/or depression. There has always been a reason for that and it simply revolves around people treating me differently after learning how I suffer and feel on a regular basis. For that reason I tend to keep the “real” me hidden behind one of those glorious revolving doors that is hidden behind your bookcase only triggered by touching/moving a special something that only you know about. Far too often I forget where I hid my key and forget to take my anger for a much needed walk. This leads to the “younger sibling” depression making a move into the realms of reality; only to skew everything you once felt only moments ago. One can definitely say that I have really neglected my emotions since I have a tendency to act much like that of a Vulcan. Emotions are only things that hold us back and bring us down taking away from how we really need to function. Thus I learned to bury them deep……  So deep that they almost do not exist. Trust me though! They sneak through once in a while as can be seen when that special something touches you in such a way that you are unable to hold back the rush of tears……  I almost feel like that moment when Tuvok snaps thanks to Pon Farr and just goes ballistic. I almost think I actually envy him (and Spock, of course) for their ability to truly turn it all off. Who knows…. Maybe I hear the Doctor’s wonderful ballot inside my mind: just once in a while….. Maybe I need a little Neelix in my life too. He just does so well at keeping everyone calm and relaxed… Oh Neelix… where are you?

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