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The wonderful adventures of building a “Smart Home” connected to a “Smart Trike” connected to a “Smart RV”.

What once was just a simple computer for my trike has turned into a full blown adventure into the world of smart automation. Currently I am in the middle of designing and building a smart home that will not only connect to my trike but also our RV. It sure is one hell of an up and down roll around. I feel like I am 10 rolling down the biggest hill I can find in the glorious boundaries of which I was allowed to wander.

This adventure is sure mixed with a lot of trial and error accumulating to repair.  So far I am building all of this one a single Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB while envisioning it all on 3 different ones. That in itself has created quite the obstacle to overcome, but so far I am prevailing and winning that battle.

In all of this though I do have to acknowledge that I am my wife’s “Buddy Hall”. I’ve found something that take “Interest” to the extreme especially since this is all something I know full well I am capable of creating. I envy his thirst for completion. Our family just loves that movie *Deck the Halls*. it always brings a laugh to all of us during the season. No matter what he just keeps pushing to get it done and no matter what his wife is right there supporting him much int he same way my wife does for me. She’s a trooper!

A lot of people swear by using “Home Assistant” as their platform for home automation, but I myself have chosen the alternative “Node-Red”. Although with some work the two of them can actually sign quite well together and compliment each other better than most programs that can run alongside each other. I find that with my history of computers I prefer to be able to dig in with some code where required. I do not see much potential in that within “Home Assistant”. I am sure it is likely there, but if I can’t see it upfront then I am merely not interested. I love coding and I love editing peoples code to satisfy mine or another persons needs, but I do not like to have to dig for it too much. All code should be apparent and right there in your face; *My Opinion*.

Just recently I have found myself at a 98% completion of my AQHI *Air Quality Health Index* flow for Node-Red and I am quite proud. You would think the JavaScript would have been the culprit to give me problems considering my Love/Hate relationship with it that goes way back in time.

More to come on this later…………………..

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