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Another overdue post

So much for doing daily posts. I will get the hang of it eventually. Or is it maybe the time I am missing to do it. Who knows… I could come up with a thousand reasons why I don’t do it; the fact is I don’t do it and need to start.I should just follow in the footsteps of my wife. She is far more frequent than I. Her blog can be read over at Fabulously Positive!

My wife is the best ever… While struggling with getting the photography business going she has overtly decided to move around our house. She decided to move our living room down in to the basement thus gaining us a far larger space for a living room. The added bonus is that I now have a space for a studio at a size of 18′ x 12′ and it even has a nice big bay style window. I will add some pictures in another short post to show off the space. To top it off she has basically taken over the roll of my Secretary / Social Media Manager. The fact is, she will own half of the business so technically she has become a “COO, CMO” whilst I have taken on the roll of “CEO, CTO” and further, we shall share the roll of CFO. For now we will have an Alberta Corporation titled “EternalCreations” until such a time as we are ready to launch as a Federal Corporation at which time we will be forced to change the business name due to an older business out of British Columbia with the same name. That company was started in the 90’s and has no internet presence at all other than a very old (1999) article I found that described the business as a home based hand made jewelry business that only seemed to sell locally. Unless I can prove to the government that this business does not conflict with my own or prove that it is no longer in business, get written permission from the owner, perform a hostile takeover (which obviously wouldn’t happen, lol) then we are screwed and have to change it.

The studio setup is coming along nicely although now I realize just how much I am missing and need to obtain. This will always be the case though. Now I just have to convince her to get back in front of the camera for some practice shoots.

Alas, more to follow in the future about the business.




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