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Making Progress!

Well it is now official. Daphne & I are making progress with the business. We ordered the Business License today. Turned on the business phone. I have done A LOT of website updates in the last few days as well which has made me and sleep elude each other. All well worth it though! Originally I had plans on opening the business alone and having my wife on board anyways, but after much thought I found it best to go into this as a partnership. This is how we agreed we would run the Sex Shop so I figured it was only fair to run the photography in the same fashion. Besides, she has already brought so much to this business, especially in the way of positivity and getting us photo shoots for our portfolio (It helps the models build their portfolio as well).

I’m not much for plugging other companies, but the people at BDC were amazing at helping me out with a partnership as I have only registered Federal Corporations or Not For Profit Corporations in the past. If you need to register any kind of business I recommend them very much. I’ve used them for every business I have ever registered in my life going back to 2004 when I started my first business. To further the business we moved our living room to the basement of our house so that  I could use the front room for my Studio. What a space… a whopping 18′ x 12′ with a nice big triple bay style window. Pictures of the studio will follow in one of my upcoming posts.

I wish the business license was ready already, LOL. 6-8 business days before it will be fully official (license in hand). \

Until then, Ta Ta For Now!

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