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The business takes off

Blessed my lovely wife. She insisted on donating the upstairs living room ( 18′ x 12′ ) as our new photography studio. This is where business will take place until such a time as when the business can afford an actual studio. There is a huge 3 pane window in the room that is rather large and perfect for natural light. Of course I do have my studio lights though. Upon getting the studio ready though it has come to my attention that one of my modeling lamps on one of the lights has been damaged and no longer works. It will need replacing at some point. It also appears as if one of my lenses if actually missing. I am missing my 50mm 1.8 Prime Lens. It is replaceable though; thankfully. The client questionnaire has finally been completed today. By the gods and goddesses am I ever out of touch with PhP. Too many years have passed since I’ve written that code. A lot has changed to; considering I last coded at php5.5 and it is now at php7.0 I suspected there would be some minimal changes but there were many more than I had anticipated. It wasn’t nothing I couldn’t handle though with a little help from some old IRC dwellers. It’s a rather simple form but it will gather us more information on each client which in turn will better help us prepare for each shoot; both client and Eternal Creations.

Further, Eternal Creations is now registered in Alberta. 🙂 🙂 It was a long haul, but we have finally made it this far. Albeit there are many more steps to accomplish too. My lovely wife decided to advertise February as a month of TFP (Time For Print) photo shoots that will help the business build up its’ portfolio. The business has decided to specialize in certain areas of Photography which include; Boudoir, Couples, Dudoir, Pinups, & Nudes. There is also an “Artistic” category where our Artistic Photo’s will be sold on Canvas or as Posters. This could be anything from the nights sky to the blistering sun to random models body painted, etc. In the beginning it will be a “Per Order” basis as we cannot afford, yet, to have canvases already printed and ready for sale in the Studio. All Artistic pictures will be viewable online and soon I will build an ordering system into the website. In due time though all of that will change.

Now just to get some contracts printed out for all the clients that will be coming. 10to8 has been a life saver in booking clients and I do believe that it will be well worth it to pay for it monthly when the time comes.

So.. here we go February! I got this shit!

Blessed Be!

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