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Come Back Shoot Jitters

So, it wasn’t until the night before that I actually realized my shyness “jitters” was creeping back onto my shoulder for a ride. I panicked a “little”; if you could call it that. I stayed up too late checking equipment and settings on the “Work Horse” (Work horse being the editing machine). I think I must of checked my studio lights 3 or 4 times. Although each time I got disappointed as I was reminded that one of my studio lights modeling lamps was damaged during the journey across the country. At some point, I need to replace it. It can easily be replaced here –> Strobe Pro. The guys over there are great.

Alas, I started having the jitters and they carried over into the next day, which was the day of the first shoot, of which 2 shoots were booked. The second booking had to cancel due to illness and will be rescheduling at a later date. Our first booking was an old friend of wife’s so it did make it a little easier and I am glad it started off with her. Not having done a shoot since the last one back in July of 2017 had me a little off my game; in a manner of speaking. It’s going to be a little difficult in the beginning too due to the fact that I seem to be missing one of my lenses. My Nifty Fifty (Canon 50mm f1.4), as they call it, is missing. It has been missing since I took the first inventory after retrieving the last of my things from our friends house where we stored it all in the beginning after getting to Calgary. I place absolutely no blame on them for the missing lens at all. I’d like to say it got left back in Ottawa, but I do know that is not the case as that lens was used on the drive across the country.

Nevertheless, I can still push forward with the lenses I have and get acceptable pictures taken during any shoots. I got a very very nice lens coming into my possession within a couple weeks. I can’t wait. The lens is old but powerful and fairly close to being on par with Canon’s L series lenses which are too be the “beasts” of the Canon lineup. I shall keep this lens’ identity secret for now. Once it arrives I will then announce it. For me, this lens will be exclusive to the Boudoir genre!

The first shoot itself, to get back on track, was easy yet hard at the same time. I found it hard and had many jitters because it has been so long since the last shoot and well, I am full of shyness and nervousness when I really shouldn’t be. I just want to be the best photographer I can be and be sure to make “ALL” of my clients happy with the outcome and pictures of their choosing. Thankfully the first shoot was a friend, so to speak. More my wife’s friend than my own, but I grew to understand why my wife has chosen her as a friend. She was very friendly and polite and everything we want in a friend.  This made it easier as talking to her and giving her direction was not setting off my shyness as much as if it had been a stranger. This is why I am nervous about Friday’s shoot. Not only will they be strangers, but this is my first “Couples Boudoir” shoot that I have done. So this will be a learning curve for both me and the couple as this is also their first time too. I am sure it will go perfectly fine though. I’m not too worried…… or am I?  **Stay Tuned for an Update**



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