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Come Back Shoot Jitters

So, it wasn’t until the night before that I actually realized my shyness “jitters” was creeping back onto my shoulder for a ride. I panicked a “little”; if you could call it that. I stayed up too late checking equipment and settings on the “Work Horse” (Work horse being the editing machine). I think I […]

The business takes off

Blessed my lovely wife. She insisted on donating the upstairs living room ( 18′ x 12′ ) as our new photography studio. This is where business will take place until such a time as when the business can afford an actual studio. There is a huge 3 pane window in the room that is rather […]

Making Progress!

Well it is now official. Daphne & I are making progress with the business. We ordered the Business License today. Turned on the business phone. I have done A LOT of website updates in the last few days as well which has made me and sleep elude each other. All well worth it though! Originally […]

Zoomer Electrical Wiring

It took me 2 months to complete this diagram. There was a lot of research that was put into this since I am in no way knowledgeable in Electronics. This is a very serious potential upgrade to my Zoomer Recumbent Trike. Having lights is a necessity for me as I do plan on partaking in […]

Recumbent Trike Information!!

Terra Trike Zoomer

Below Is My Recumbent Trike That Will Be Used In The Trip Across Canada. All specifications below are the details of the condition from which I purchased the trike. Unless noted on this page All upgrades done by me will follow on a new page once they are started/completed. TerraTrike Zoomer: Stock items include frame, […]

Beginning Again!

This marks the first post (again) on my new blog. Asides from the submissions relating to my cycling this is more of a diary, I suppose. I am sure as time goes on this will slowly turn into more. Likely to become more of a Vlog than a Blog once I get over my shyness, […]