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Come Back Shoot Jitters

So, it wasn’t until the night before that I actually realized my shyness “jitters” was creeping back onto my shoulder for a ride. I panicked a “little”; if you could call it that. I stayed up too late checking equipment and settings on the “Work Horse” (Work horse being the editing machine). I think I […]

The business takes off

Blessed my lovely wife. She insisted on donating the upstairs living room ( 18′ x 12′ ) as our new photography studio. This is where business will take place until such a time as when the business can afford an actual studio. There is a huge 3 pane window in the room that is rather […]

Making Progress!

Well it is now official. Daphne & I are making progress with the business. We ordered the Business License today. Turned on the business phone. I have done A LOT of website updates in the last few days as well which has made me and sleep elude each other. All well worth it though! Originally […]